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NPS is committed to supporting independent educational activities that foster increased understanding of scientific, clinical, and healthcare issues. Our goal is to advance the development of medicine to improve patient care.

Educational Providers and the activities they develop should strive to improve patient care and must be compliant with all applicable legal and regulatory guidelines, and the ethical standards under which NPS conducts business. Grants must never be linked to prescribing, purchasing, formulary status or reimbursement activities.

NPS has funding available to support the following areas of therapeutic interest:

  • Short Bowel Syndrome
  • Hypoparathyroidism

NPS supports the following types of educational grants:

  • Educational activities certified for continuing education (CE/CME) for healthcare providers
  • Independent education not certified for continuing education and intended for healthcare providers or patients
  • Fellowships for healthcare providers in training

We seek to conduct an efficient, effective, and compliant review process to support high-quality education. The NPS Medical Education group is responsible for processing all educational grant requests submitted to our company.

How to apply for funding:

  • Click Here to download our Independent Medical Education brochure.
  • Please submit educational grant support requests to at least 8 weeks prior to the anticipated start date of your activity.
  • NPS currently reviews grant applications submitted spontaneously as well as in response to posted Calls for Grant Applications (CGA).

Calls for Grant Applications:

Therapeutic Area

Date Posted

Due Date


Link to PDF detail

Short Bowel Syndrome



Evidence based best practices in intestinal rehabilitation for patients with SBS




Evidence based and emerging treatment of hypoparathyroidism

Grant Submission Requirements

Grant request submissions to NPS Pharmaceuticals require the following documentation. Please submit information to our Medical Education department at

  • A Letter of Request on the Educational Providers letterhead that includes:
    • Short description of the activity (4-6 sentences), including the type of grant
    • Amount requested
    • The total cost of the activity or fellowship if you are not requesting full support
    • Estimated start date and end date
    • Brief statement of why education is needed: the gap in clinical knowledge or performance that will be addressed by the education (5-6 sentences)
    • Brief overview of how the effectiveness of the education or fellowship will be evaluated
    • If the education is to be certified for CE credit, include the name of the organization to be providing credit and the type of credit (e.g., nursing, pharmacy, physician).
    • Criteria used to identify faculty (inclusion of faculty names is not requested) or fellows (do not include names)
  • W-9 of the payee for the request if the application is approved
  • Proposed agenda and brochure if applicable
  • Learning objectives for the activity (what the participant will be able to do after attending)
  • Detailed budget outlining the costs for the activity. Please Click Here to download a copy of the Budget Form
  • A signed NPS Firewall form. Please Click Here to download a copy
  • Sponsorship information (e.g., exhibit or booth opportunities) must not be included in grant requests

Requests for $50,000 or more also must include:

  • Robust and validated needs assessment with references. Use of multiple sources is preferred (e.g., published literature, guidelines, interviews, government or quality organization publications, outcomes from other educational activities, institutional data, clinician or patient surveys)
  • Detail on how the learning objectives are linked to the educational need and agenda topics
  • Detailed outcomes assessment plan including the level of outcomes to be assessed and methodology