About NPS Pharma
Natpara® (recombinant human parathyroid hormone (rhPTH 1-84))

Natpara®, a bioengineered replica of human parathyroid hormone 1-84, is being developed as a hormone replacement therapy for the underlying cause of hypoparathyroidism. NPS reported positive findings from a Phase 3 registration study of Natpara, known as REPLACE, which met the primary efficacy endpoint with a statistically higher responder rate versus placebo. A responder was defined as a 50% or greater reduction in oral calcium supplementation and active vitamin D therapy and a total serum calcium concentration that was maintained compared to baseline.

Because it mimics the action of natural parathyroid hormone, Natpara has the potential to treat hypoparathyroidism and offer a more physiological treatment outcome than what is available with existing treatments. In 2007, the FDA granted orphan drug status for Natpara for the treatment of hypoparathyroidism.